Artist Development À La Carte

Artist Development A La Carte, pay only for the services you need

pay only for what you need

With Artist Development Services A La Carte, The Projects are short-term and based on your schedule

Projects based on your schedule

No Long-Term Contracts - a la carte means project to project

no long term contracts


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The A&R Agency Artist Development and Branding for Commercial Success

Your brand is the foundation to your success. Our workshops will help you define your vision while maintaining consistency across all platforms.

The A&R Agency Artist Development Services Marketing Strategy for Commercial Success
Marketing Strategy

Develop individualized plans to achieve specific goals such as an increase in listenership, fuller concert attendance, and creating a self-sustaining, lucrative career.

The A&R Agency Artist Development Services Digital Advertising Strategies for Commercial Success
Digital Advertising

Gone are the days of Traditional Guerilla Marketing. As a part of your individualized plan, our workshops will guide you through the unintuitive nature of digital advertising.


A&R Agency Artist Media Music Band Photography

Make your shows look larger than life and your portraits look like you belong on the cover of Rolling Stone.

A&R Agency Artist Media Live Show Augmentation
Live Show Augmentation

Bring a third dimension to your performance with custom live visuals that capture and keep the crowds attention.

A&R Agency Artist Media Graphic & Web Design
Graphic & Web Design

So that your stage presence looks like your media presence looks like your web presence, and they all look like YOU!


A&R Agency Music Business Operations Business Formation
Business Formation

Every successful business starts with a strong foundation. Our team will work with you to review all of the different business entities available, and if needed, assist in the drafting the appropriate documents and filing accordingly.

A&R Agency Music Business Operations Finance Financial Planning Music Business Accounting

Healthy cash flow is the lifeblood of any Artist's business. The A&R staff will help you set up a reliable accounting process, inventory system, as well as provide financial planning consultations that focus on long-term sustainability & growth.

A&R Agency Music Business Operations Artist Musician Contracts

The music industry is full of contracts and they tend to be long, littered with legal terms, and confusing. We can help you review and explain in simple terms so you can have confidence in the decisions you make.

DISCLAIMER: We are not licensed attorneys and our advice should not be substituted for that of a licensed attorney who is experienced in the areas of entertainment and contract law.

This is Artist development À La carte!

Pay only for the services that you want and need.

How does this benefit me?

Our business model is designed to deliver high reward at low risk.

What If I want to work with you long-term?

Our team is dedicated to helping you achieve individualized success in whatever way best suits your needs.


Your success begins in three easy steps

Step #1

Start with a FREE Development Session

This is where we identify self-obtainable opportunities for growth that you can get started on right away at no extra cost.

Step #2

Customize Your Path To Success

We’ll send you an individualized proposal on specific goals that we can help you accomplish. Then, you get to pick and choose which objectives matter most to you.

Step #3

The Top Of The Mountain

With clear goals defined, we equip our 60 years of combined experience with your band’s vision to guide you toward individualized success.

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With an à la carte style of offered support - you are the one in charge.

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