Custom Artist Split Sheet Agreement

So... what is a split sheet?

So... what is a split sheet?

A split sheet is a written agreement between two or more music creators that identifies each contributor and establishes specific ownership percentages amongst them.

These percentages are important because they determine how much each contributor will be paid when income is generated by their music. In general, every song published can be broken down into a writer’s share (lyrics) and a producer’s share (music), with each share being worth 50% of the song. The shares can be broken down even further if there are additional contributors, however, the same creator can contribute to both shares.

The final percentages are negotiated and must be agreed upon by all parties involved.

You can learn more about split sheets on our blog.

Custom Artist Split Sheet Agreement

Why are split sheet's important?

Get Paid

Split sheets are music publishing 101. This is often the first step to determining royalties for publishers so it's a very important document for your wallet.

Keep Friends

Communication is key to any working relationship. Split sheets not only protect you but let your friends know that you care to protect them too!

Stay Safe

Under U.S. Copywright Law, without a split sheet all works are split evenly. So even if you did all the work, the sax player who laid down one track still gets 50%.

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