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"If I just had a manager/label/publicist/
radio-play then I would be a successful artist by now..."

Britny Lobas of Corbella - Shot by Sarah Peterson of The A&R Agency

Photo by Sarah Peterson of The A&R Agency

We Have all been there...

As a musician, it seems like every e-mail, DM, and call comes from people who don’t know a thing about us. In other words:

They “came across our song on Spotify.”

Maybe they “found our profile on Instagram”

Or, my personal favorite, they “really dig what we’re doing.”

Of course, this sounds great until we find out that they want to charge us $20,000 for a college radio campaign, sign exclusive rights to our music away by putting us in a library of music that won’t ever get placed, or charge $1,000 per show date to set up a tour only to find that their “trusted” venues have never heard of you and the business that booked you doesn’t exist.

Thus, The A&R Agency was created as a means to provide transparency and restore trust to our fellow musicians and music industry workers who have been taken advantage of by the sharks out there promising the world but only providing chum in return. Futhermore, our team is comprised of former label owners, festival runners, producers, videographers, photographers, and above all, local and touring musicians who have all felt your pain that success could be had “if I just had the right tools, network, and experience.”

Now, with a combined 60 years of music industry experience, The A&R Agency has developed a low-risk business model that is personally tailored for the independent artist and their commercial success.

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your needs = our focus

The A&R Agency's Objective is to Help You Achieve Commercial Success.


The A&R Agency Artist Development and Branding for Commercial Success


Your brand is the foundation to commercial success. It is with this in mind that our workshops will help define your vision while maintaining consistency across all platforms.

The A&R Agency Artist Development Services Marketing Strategy for Commercial Success

Marketing Strategy

Develop individualized plans for the purpose of achieving specific goals such as an increase in listeners, fuller concerts, and creating a self-sustaining, career.

The A&R Agency Artist Development Services Digital Advertising Strategies for Commercial Success

Digital Advertising

Gone are the days of Traditional Guerilla Marketing. As a part of your individualized plan, our workshops will guide you through the unintuitive nature of digital advertising.


A&R Agency Artist Media Music Band Photography


Make your shows look larger than life while your portraits look like you belong on the cover of Rolling Stone.

A&R Agency Artist Media Live Show Augmentation

Live Show Augmentation

Bring a third dimension to your performance with custom live visuals that capture so as to keep your crowds attention.

A&R Agency Artist Media Graphic & Web Design

Graphic & Web Design

So that your stage presence looks like your media presence looks like your web presence, and they all look like YOU!


A&R Agency Music Business Operations Business Formation

Business Formation

Every successful business starts with a strong foundation. Our team will work with you to review all of the different business entities available, and if needed, assist in the drafting the appropriate documents and filing accordingly.

A&R Agency Music Business Operations Finance Financial Planning Music Business Accounting


Healthy cash flow is the lifeblood of any Artist's business. The A&R staff will help you set up a reliable accounting process, inventory system, as well as provide financial planning consultations that focus on long-term sustainability & growth.

A&R Agency Music Business Operations Artist Musician Contracts


The music industry is full of contracts and they tend to be long, littered with legal terms, and confusing. We can help you review and explain in simple terms so you can have confidence in the decisions you make.

This is Artist development À La carte!

In other words, pay only for the services that you want and need.

How does this benefit me?

Our business model is designed with the intention of delivering high reward at low risk.

What If I want to work with you long-term?

Our team is dedicated to helping you achieve commercial success in whatever way best suits your needs.

how do i get started?

Your Journey to Commercial Success begins in three easy steps

Step #1

Start with a FREE Development Session

This is where we identify self-obtainable opportunities for growth that you can get started on immediately at no extra cost.

Step #2

Customize Your Path To Success

We’ll send you an individualized proposal on specific goals that we can help you accomplish. Then, you get to pick and choose which objectives matter most to you.

Step #3

The Top Of The Mountain

Lastly, with clear goals defined, we equip our 60 years of combined Artist Development experience with your band’s vision to guide you toward commercial success right away.

The A&R Agency - Shot By Sarah Peterson In-House Photographer

Photo by Sarah Peterson of The A&R Agency

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