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Our free artist development session is a discussion between you and us (virtual or in-person) where we identify self-obtainable opportunities for growth that you can get started on right away at no extra cost.

We’ll ask you questions surrounding where the state of your music business and career stands today so that we can better understand what advice/guidance we can offer to help.

At the end of our hour long session, you’ll walk away with things you can implement to grow your business right away without our help. In addition, we will potentially offer extra optional services if we feel they might be relevant to helping you achieve further success. This offer is NOT MANDATORY and will not prohibit our ability to help you during our session.

Please reach out to Jeremy Boyum at jeremy [dot] boyum [at] theanragency [dot] com

We’re happy to help! Fill out our form here and we will respond within 24-48 hours.